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Exploring efforts to make global trade and investment more sustainable

In focus: Finance for biodiversity

Marine scientists setting up seagrass at a monitoring station in Kas-Kekova Marine Protected Area Antalya Turkey. Opinion

Climate-focused investors risk missing a nature dividend

Investments that benefit both climate and nature are so far receiving only 8% of the money they need
Capybara in the Pantanal region of Brazil Article

‘Counting nature’: aligning finance with nature’s needs

Financial institutions must act quickly to measure their impacts on nature and safeguard the ecosystems we all rely on
Giant tree snail in Sinharaja forest reserve, Sri Lanka Article

Investors see missing data as key hurdle for biodiversity action

Financial institutions must better understand their exposure to biodiversity risks so they can take steps to reduce these through company divestment or engagement
zhenbao island, Heilongjiang province, China Article

Capital markets can defuse Covid-fuelled debt crisis with nature performance bonds

New sovereign debt should be linked to nature performance to help tackle the interlocking crises of nature loss, climate change and coronavirus