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The Salween explained: Asia’s last great undammed river

We examine Southeast Asia’s largest free-flowing river, as it navigates competing interests between the countries it spans, and discuss Myanmar’s military junta’s role in shaping its future
<p>People on their way to plant queñual (Polylepis) trees near the village of Vilcanota, Cusco region, Peru. For some groups in the Andes, communal activities based around planting are ancestral traditions. (Image: Acción Andina)</p>
Photo story

Acción Andina: The NGO on a quest to reforest the Andes

The organisation’s Earthshot Prize-winning approach prioritises ancestral knowledge and has seen nearly 10 million trees planted across South America


Overhead view of Braskem chemical company's salt tunnel no. 18 collapse Article

‘Nothing is left’: A Brazilian city bears the environmental scars of salt mining

After five decades of extraction in Maceió, houses sink and crack, and fishers struggle. A new investigation in congress may bring justice
Workers installing an offshore wind turbine Article

Two Sessions: What it means for China’s climate policy in 2024

China’s most important political meetings show balancing act between economic growth and emissions control
Naval vessels docked in harbour Article

Uruguay’s navy looks to shine a light on ‘dark fishing’

Military says new ships and equipment will help it fight the scourge of illegal activity
a group of people posing for a photo Article

How a Nigerian ecofeminist grew a climate movement

After witnessing the violent impacts of warming, Oladosu Adenike started a national movement empowering young people to take action
Palm oil: a Dialogue Earth reporting project Explore our in-depth coverage