Argentina’s copper mining revival sparks environmental tensions

As the country aims to become a major producer amid rising global demand, NGOs raise concerns over ‘green’ claims and the potential for environmental harm

Oil, sanctions, blackouts: Venezuela’s energy transition is complex

Solar and wind produce less than 1% of electricity and a bill to boost them has stalled. Oil, meanwhile, still brings in nearly 60% of the national budget
<p>The growth of the tin-mining industry is a source of anxiety for many fishers on the Bangka Belitung islands, who fear its effects on the seas they depend on (Image: Nopri Ismi / Dialogue Earth)</p>
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In Indonesia, tin mining threatens an age-old fishing tradition

The islanders of Bangka Belitung, off Sumatra, have long hunted squid for sustenance and trade, but some fear this is being imperilled by mining


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India’s Bihar has a plan for extreme heat. Why are so many people dying?

Despite the existence of a heat plan in a key Indian state and visible improvement in multiple health centres, brutal heat claimed dozens of lives as officials were distracted by elections
A farmer drives a vehicle spraying pesticide across green wheat fields, flowers in foreground Article

Chinese companies pilot nature-related disclosures

As part of the Global Biodiversity Framework, “nature” is being added to sustainability disclosures, with Chinese firms in the vanguard
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No plain sailing for Brazil and Uruguay’s new waterway

Both governments say proposed shipping route would boost exports and local development, but have met opposition from residents fearing its impacts
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Bhutan explores controlled burning of mountainsides

Reviving the traditional practice could protect pastureland ecosystems in the Himalayas from destructive climate change-driven wildfires
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