Senegal’s fishing vessel list declared a ‘leap forward’ for transparency

The breakthrough list could shed light on fishing activity, hold authorities to account, and drive greater regional transparency

Q&A: LGBTQ+ rights and environmental justice with activist Aurélien Guilabert

The Mexico-based campaigner tells Dialogue Earth about what the movements have in common, their challenges and his hopes for the future
<p>The growth of the tin-mining industry is a source of anxiety for many fishers on the Bangka Belitung islands, who fear its effects on the seas they depend on (Image: Nopri Ismi / Dialogue Earth)</p>
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In Indonesia, tin mining threatens an age-old fishing tradition

The islanders of Bangka Belitung, off Sumatra, have long hunted squid for sustenance and trade, but some fear this is being imperilled by mining


three young people surrounding ground level solar panels Article

Solar power is booming in Brazil. Can it be a boom for all?

Solar is now Brazil’s second-largest source of electricity. Experts say its growth must also reach and respect communities cut off from the grid
A man, young girl and woman stood facing the camera holding yellow flowers and placards with writing on Article

How South Korea’s landmark climate hearings could shape regional action

The country’s constitutional court is examining whether government inaction on climate change violates citizens’ rights. Could it set a precedent?
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Thawing ice worsens Arctic plastic pollution

More fishing boats are coming to northern waters as sea ice retreats, bringing pollution with them
A forestry official stands on dry brush on a smouldering hillside Article

Bhutan explores controlled burning of mountainsides

Reviving the traditional practice could protect pastureland ecosystems in the Himalayas from destructive climate change-driven wildfires
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