China’s 2035 targets can be a climate breakthrough

China can put the Paris Agreement on track when it releases its new and updated climate targets next year, writes Lauri Myllyvirta

A greenhouse gas shipping levy is on the horizon

A charge on emissions for cargo vessels would become the first global carbon price, but disagreements on system design and starting prices remain
<p>The growth of the tin-mining industry is a source of anxiety for many fishers on the Bangka Belitung islands, who fear its effects on the seas they depend on (Image: Nopri Ismi / Dialogue Earth)</p>
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In Indonesia, tin mining threatens an age-old fishing tradition

The islanders of Bangka Belitung, off Sumatra, have long hunted squid for sustenance and trade, but some fear this is being imperilled by mining


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Climate change is fuelling turbulence and posing threats to South Asian aviation

Experts highlight links between rising temperatures, carbon emissions and increased likelihood of clear air turbulence – an unexpected and severe form of turbulence that can result in serious injuries

Plastics treaty’s penultimate talks: Five takeaways

After INC-4, only one meeting is left to agree a global treaty to limit plastics pollution. With festering disagreements surrounding a cap on plastic production, success is far from assured.
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China’s manufacturing pushed emissions sky high. What’s next?

The manufacturing drive risks counteracting the emissions gains of China’s clean-energy drive
Two gannets with their chick in a nest Explainer

Explainer: Why bird flu is now a major threat to marine life

The H5N1 virus is spreading rapidly among seabirds and sea mammals, causing deaths from pole to pole
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