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Exploring solutions to air, water, and soil pollution from local initiatives to global treaties

In focus: Air pollution

Two people walking in smog along train tracks Article

Bangladesh is losing its battle with air pollution

In the capital Dhaka and beyond, transport and industry emissions continue to blight the ‘most polluted country in the world’ despite strong words from the government
Two people wearing face masks cross a busy street in hazy conditions Article

How climate change complicates China’s ‘battle for blue skies’

Air pollution in China rebounds as economic activity picks up, while climate change is bringing new challenges for air quality management
Skyscraper surrounded by smog Article

Wood-burning stoves are a hurdle in Chile’s energy transition

Firewood has been a traditional source of household energy in central and southern Chile, but brings health and environmental problems
Natural-colour satellite photograph taken on November 1, 2022, showing a plume of smog curling from northeastern Pakistan to the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Article

Divided by borders, Lahore and Delhi are united in smog

Air pollution reaches crisis level every winter in Lahore and New Delhi, yet years into the problem, little progress has been made in either city