A group of mean fetching water from a lake


Highlighting efforts to safeguard rivers, address drought, and ensure water quality amidst a changing climate


riverside community on dry bank Article

Historic drought in the Amazon, explained

People and animals are faced with emergency in one of the planet’s most water-rich regions, as impacts of El Niño, Atlantic warming and deforestation collide
Stilt houses on bank of river Article

In Peru’s Amazon, a complex quest to democratise water

A project in the Peruvian rainforest aims to convince local governments that the key to improving the lives of their people is all around them: water
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Patagonia dams: 15 years, $5 billion and many doubts, but work continues

The Chinese-backed Kirchner and Cepernic dams are expected to open in five years, as concerns continue to be raised by environmental groups
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Green hydrogen plant in Uruguay faces challenge over water use

Residents near a planned hydrogen hub raise concerns over the impacts its thirsty processes could have on groundwater