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Tracking the shift in global energy finance and investment away from fossil fuels and toward renewables

In focus: Energy in Latin America

A tower in the centre of a solar power plant, pattern of shiny panels on the ground at sunset Article

Latin America can play ‘outsized’ role in shift from fossil fuels, report says

International Energy Agency says region could drive energy transition at home and globally, but faces challenges in finance, policy and inequality
People celebrating on stage at COP28 Article

COP28: Is Latin America ready to move away from fossil fuels?

Dubai climate summit closes with landmark agreement to transition away from fossil fuels, but vague language and loopholes may delay action
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Brazil-Bolivia dam reignites debates on power in the Amazon

Communities have pushed back on a proposed hydropower project between the two countries, decrying dams’ impacts and seeking alternatives in solar
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Argentina eyes a risky gamble on gas exports

Gas is in demand, for now. But Argentina’s economic woes, climate commitments and long-term outlook cast doubt on its ambitions to export LNG