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The Third Pole

The Third Pole is Dialogue Earth's dedicated section focused on the Himalayas and the transboundary river basins of South Asia


A woman bails water from the doorway of a flooded building Article

Four innovations that can be part of India and Bangladesh’s flood defences

New technological and nature-based innovations are being developed and introduced in the face of worsening climate change-driven floods
Friendship bridge going over river onto arid land Article

‘A lot of work for diplomats’ in Central Asia as the Taliban build huge canal

Amid worries of the Qosh Tepa canal causing large-scale damage to farmland in the region, experts say crisis can be avoided by including Afghanistan in transboundary agreements
Evacuate villagers who face the risk of flooding in eastern Indian Article

Community cooperation across Nepal-India border saves lives during floods

NGOs say an early warning system helps around 64,000 people who live along the Ratu River every year, thanks to volunteers alerting those downstream of high river levels
People cross a bridge during a flood in Kathmandu, Nepal Opinion

Opinion: Time is running out for climate adaptation in the Himalayas

Author of the mountains chapter in latest IPCC report highlights how global warming, unplanned urbanisation, and gender insensitive practices are threatening the Hindu Kush Himalayan region