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Tracking global efforts to conserve biodiversity and stop species loss amidst the pressures of climate change and evolving land use


white dolphin leaping out of water Article

China’s ‘doomed’ dolphin populations still deserve attention

Scientist Zheng Ruiqiang believes even unviable groups of Chinese white dolphins are worth protecting, and citizen science can help
Hornbill tropical bird eating fruit from a tree Article

How fig trees could revolutionise reforestation and tourism in Borneo

NGOs in the Malaysian state of Sabah want oil palm companies and other land managers to plant Ficus species to increase habitat for threatened wildlife
Two men stand on a beach in front of a fishing boat Photo Story

The Mexican community who saved a mollusc from collapse

The El Manglito neighbourhood assembled to protect and then cultivate ‘callo de hacha’, an economically and culturally important shellfish
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Community-led wildlife tourism finds its niche in the Himalayas

Wildlife tourism projects that benefit local communities can be found across the Himalayas, offering hope for livelihoods and the conservation of unique mountain species