Fishers gather by the edge of a tilting boat to pull in a net full of fish

Repurpose harmful fisheries subsidies to alleviate poverty

As WTO talks to limit these subsidies falter, another route could reap environmental and human benefits, write Louise Teh and Rashid Sumaila
Person in red scarf carries bags containing plastic tubs on a riverbank

Opinion: Why is India weakening the Global Plastics Treaty?

India has joined with countries with petrochemical interests to weaken key aspects of the Global Plastics Treaty, despite clear science of harm, and the vulnerability of its citizens
smoke coming out of a power station

Opinion: How to judge when China hits peak carbon?

To accommodate changeable emissions patterns surrounding its 2030 peaking target, China could compare emissions in 2026-2030 to those in 2031-2035, writes economist Zhang Shuwei
Aerial view of blue, green and turquoise square pools of water in a desert

Opinion: Chile’s lithium deals are another example of ‘bad development’

Though Gabriel Boric’s government presents itself as environmentally friendly, recent decisions on lithium mining suggest otherwise, writes policy specialist Pamela Poo