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Exploring paths to environmental justice with a focus on empowering communities, indigenous rights and safeguarding environmental defenders


three women holding cocoa pods in forested area Opinion

Opinion: A just transition in Latin America needs bold economic policies

Governments must lead a ‘paradigm shift’ to manage debt, preserve balances and ensure better distribution while increasing spending, write economists

Opinion: As democracies weaken, who gets a say in South Asia’s climate future?

Governments in South Asia must make and implement policy decisions in closer partnership with communities and businesses, says Joydeep Gupta
Two men in suits shake hands in front of a smiling woman Article

Can ‘just transition partnerships’ usher in the end of coal?

For the partnerships to support developing nations to move towards clean energy, the criteria for receiving finance need streamlining
A man wearing an orange feather headdress and silver necklace adorned with blue beads stares into distance Article

Latin America remains the deadliest region for environmental defenders

New Global Witness report shows nearly 90% of all environment-linked killings in 2022 were in the region, driven by land disputes, armed conflict and extractive industries