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Tracking the policies and changes in land use, agriculture and meat production that shape our environment and food choices

In focus: Beef's climate footprint

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Is beef losing ground in South America?

Beef is still king on the continent, but plant-based diets are on the rise in Argentina and Brazil amid changing global patterns
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Beef in the time of net zero: Reducing livestock emissions in Latin America

Beef accounts for over half of emissions from agriculture and land use change in the region. Changes in production and diets could help the sector’s efforts towards carbon neutrality
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Can South America reduce its methane emissions from livestock farming?

At COP26, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay committed to reduce their methane emissions, but there are still no substantive policies to achieve this
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Latin America takes first steps towards sustainable beef

Meatpackers are boosting economies across the region and, aware of the industry’s environmental footprint, are working on sustainable solutions