Illustration of a girl reading a book surrounded by images of floods, solar panels, polar ice caps, forests and climate change keywords

Climate change glossary: the terms you need to understand, explained

To help demystify and open up conversations on climate change, The Third Pole has compiled this glossary of key terms, available in five languages
underwater view of seagrass, looking up at a bright sun overhead

How do ‘marine heatwaves’ affect the ocean – and what can be done?

As we enter El Niño, periods of surging temperatures at sea are predicted to grow more frequent and intense. What do they do to marine life, and can we adapt?
Gharial in murky water

What is CITES, and why does it matter for South Asia?

World Wildlife Day 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of CITES, the global wildlife trade agreement. Here, we explain how it works.
A man protesting the closure of a copper smelting plant waves the Chile flag in front of smoke, standing on a balcony

What does a ‘just transition’ mean for Latin America?

The concept, created in the 1980s, is gradually being embraced by governments to tackle the climate crisis