A greenhouse gas shipping levy is on the horizon

A charge on emissions for cargo vessels would become the first global carbon price, but disagreements on system design and starting prices remain
<p>A view of building works at Porto Futuro in the Brazilian city of Belém, set to be one of the main venues for COP30 in 2025. Doubts have been raised over the city’s capacity to host the climate summit, with many of its 1.3 million residents still lacking access to basic services. (Image: Christian Braga / Dialogue Earth)</p>
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Hopes and doubts as an Amazon city prepares to host COP30

The Brazilian city of Belém will welcome the world at next year’s UN climate summit, but faces a race to be ready. Its residents are calling for a lasting legacy and investment

China and Latin America

Aerial view of an electric substation Article

What State Grid’s new power line means for Brazil’s energy transition

Chinese firm will build transmission lines in Brazil’s north-east to boost renewable energy, but analysts say the project also risks promoting fossil fuels
group of men in suits unveiling statue outdoors Article

Copper, pragmatism, and going green: A history of Chile-China relations

Chile was China’s first ally in South America, and the two have become important trade partners. Now, relations are moving into a new phase of green cooperation and investment
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Colombia’s beef exports could boom, but sustainability is a concern

As farmers see opportunities after exports to China get green light, Colombia must confront problems of traceability, deforestation and illegal ranching
President Javier Milei, and sister Karina Elizabeth Milei sitting in church pew Article

Where next for Argentina-China relations?

Argentina’s new president Milei has called for shake-ups to the country’s foreign policy, including less cosy ties with China. It won’t be so straightforward