Introducing Dialogue Earth

Dialogue Earth is our new home. Our mission, to lift up local voices and create better conversations on climate and the environment, is unchanged
<p>A female fiddler crab cautiously emerges from her burrow on a mangrove beach in Malaysian Borneo (Image: Sam Rollinson / Alamy)</p>

A female fiddler crab cautiously emerges from her burrow on a mangrove beach in Malaysian Borneo (Image: Sam Rollinson / Alamy)

Dialogue Earth is the new name for the China Dialogue organisation – and our new, unified website The site brings together our four long-standing platforms China Dialogue, China Dialogue Ocean, The Third Pole, and Diálogo Chino.

For us, this means new branding across a single website in eight languages. The mission remains the same and will better reflect what we do today: publishing compelling environmental journalism from China, the global ocean, South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. Work that lifts up local voices and creates better, more constructive conversations.

Dialogue Earth brings light to under-reported stories, provides deep insights, and facilitates informed conversations on climate change and the environment.

This is journalism for impact. Our approach brings local voices to audiences around the world that need to hear them, from journalists to activists, from policymakers in the Global South to businesses trying to make a difference.

We publish informed analysis, explainers and multimedia. We convene people – through workshops, webinars, and other events – to build solutions on a bedrock of accurate information.

But what makes us different, and how does it fit with our journey – from our founding in 2006, as China Dialogue, to today?

First, including China in the global conversation remains of utmost importance and this will not change.

China has a central role to play in the climate challenge. It is both the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and biggest producer of the green technologies needed for a net-zero world.

We will continue to publish in Chinese and be republished by major Chinese publications.

We will continue to include China in the world’s most important conversation – publishing Chinese authors on climate and the environment to the world, and global perspectives on these issues into China.

We will keep bringing to the conversation our unrivalled expertise on China’s rising importance in trade and investment overseas, particularly in the Global South.

Second, dialogue remains our core proposition: despite growing global tensions, constructive communication is essential. We seek positive engagement and solutions.

Our approach is to amplify local environmental voices to a global audience through translation, cross-border reporting, and collaboration.

We practise accuracy and even-handedness.

Dialogue Earth is a non-profit, independent of any government or corporation. We don’t represent any lobby. Instead, amid rising tensions and mistrust, we will be a catalyst for cooperation, alignment, and better policymaking.

We seek to illuminate crucial debates – not to inflame them – and bring solutions to bear on complex problems. For a just and sustainable future for all.

We hope you will join us on this journey.