Our top stories in 2016

A rundown of our most popular stories on China, Latin America and the environment in 2016
<p>image: <a href="">Sanofi Pasteur</a></p>

image: Sanofi Pasteur

From the Zika virus and transport gridlock at the Olympics to Chinese concerns about Venezuela’s economic crisis and the impacts of the proposed interoceanic railway, we brought you a wide range of stories on China, Latin America and the environment in 2016. Here’s a list of the top 10 most read.

1.Climate change increases risk of Zika virus, experts say
Warmer, wetter conditions ‘ideal’ for mosquito spreading virus linked to birth defects

2.The China factor in Peru’s elections
Chinese investment in Peru a priority as candidates call for an end to mining conflicts

3.China on the brink of fishing conflict in South America
Incidents in the South Atlantic highlight the need to better protect our oceans

4.Rio transport hamstrung by decades of neglect
Chronic lack of investment, missed deadlines and accidents will impact mobility at the Games

5.Peru’s new government wants more mining, more China
PPK’s Peru to expand into mineral refining as conflicts over jobs, environmental standards persist

6.China and Latin America: Strategic relations in time of change
Chinese experts predict new pragmatism as Venezuela crumbles but the right also faces challenges

7.What the US election means for its international partners
‘Inward-looking’ 2016 election candidates overlook advance in international climate cooperation

8.Transcontinental railway would require a new city in the Amazon
Authorities in Brazil and Peru express concern over “enormous” impacts of planned 5000km railway

9.First BRICS bank loans spark debate over environmental protection
Civil society groups concerned despite New Development Bank’s approval of ‘green’ first loans

10.Bai Shan Lin: The Chinese logger with multiple interests in Guyana
Guyana government must enforce laws to ensure forest conservation as dominant company transfers interests