Chinese negotiators’ voices


On Friday morning several key negotiators, including Carl Falkenberg of the EU, ambassador Yu Qingtai of China, secretary C. Dasgupta of India, were invited to the Climate Change Media Partnership’s "media clinic".

Yu’s words were circulated among some journalists:

"Despite all this broad range of proposals … it boils down to one issue quite clearly: this emissions space – whether as human beings we are all entitled to the same amount of emissions space. For developed countries, when it comes to emissions space, their fundamental position is ‘what’s mine is mine’ and they are striving to protect what they have. For developing countries, our emissions space is under occupation, and we want it back."

On Friday afternoon, Chinese vice minister of foreign affairs, He Yafei, also impressed journalists at a press conference, fighting against US climate change envoy Todd Stern:

"I don’t want to say the gentleman is ignorant. I think he lacks common sense where he made such a comment vis-a-vis funds for China. Either lack of common sense or extremely irresponsible."

And, according to, there are some Chinese fans of Chinese chief negotiator Su Wei.  Su critised the western world, which would just provide US$10 billion each year for developing countries dealing with climate change: "It’s just two dollars per person, which could not buy a cup of coffee in Copenhagen".