China states position on COP28

China has stated its “basic position” on the upcoming UN climate conference, COP28, in its annual climate change report.

The report says China looks forward to collaboration from all parties to ensure that COP28 “continues and deepens ‘joint implementation’ and uses the global stocktake as an opportunity to send a positive signal of focused action and strengthened cooperation”. 

The government releases this climate action report every year, taking stock of progress in areas including mitigation, adaptation, and international cooperation, and stating its basic COP position.

The report states that non-fossil energy sources accounted for 17.5% of China’s energy consumption in 2022, and that its renewable electricity installed capacity stands at 1.2 terawatts, or 34.4% of the world total.

When interpreting the report to the media, Xia Yingxian, newly appointed director of the environment ministry’s Department of Climate Change, concentrated on South–South climate cooperation and the COP28 position, reports Xinhua News.

Xia said that China is providing “pragmatic support” to African countries, small island countries, least developed countries and other developing countries. As of September 2023, it has signed 48 South-South cooperation agreements on climate change, built four low-carbon demonstration zones, carried out 75 climate mitigation and adaptation projects, and provided training courses for more than 100 developing countries, he added.

Xia told countries not to offer “empty slogans” around climate action, Reuters noted. China made the same statement ahead of COP27, and at COP26 before it.

“Responsibly dealing with climate change requires a proactive and pragmatic approach,” Xia said in the press conference. Before COP28, developed countries should fulfill their commitment to provide and mobilise US$100 billion in climate finance for developing countries every year, and clarify a roadmap for doubling adaptation funds, he added.

According to China Daily, Xia said China hopes that COP28 will “reach a strong decision on global adaptation goals, complete the construction of a loss and damage financial mechanism, and fully respond to the long-term appeals of developing countries for funding, technology and capacity-building support.”

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