“As a Tibetan, I see my culture being lost”

On the deteriorating Tibetan plateau, Buddhist lama Chakme Rinpoche is working to protect the environment and traditions of his home. chinadialogue’s Liu Jianqiang spent some time with him.

In an interview with Qinghai environmentalist Hashi Tashidorjee, chinadialogue heard how growing numbers of ordinary Tibetans are taking steps to protect their local environment. From patrolling water sources in Yushu to monitoring wild yak numbers in Cuochi, there are many examples of people fighting back against the ecological decline of the past decade.

Chakme Rinpoche is one example. The Buddhist lama considers the ecology and culture of Nangqian county, the source of the Lancang River, to be intimately entwined and is leading a local charge to safeguard both. In this slideshow of pictures, chinadialogue’s Beijing editor Liu Jianqiang introduces him.