Climate change threatens livelihoods in Tajikistan

Global warming poses a threat to mountain communities in the central Asian state of Tajikistan, IRIN reported on Wednesday, as residents living at high altitudes complain of failing crops, increasing soil degradation and the rising threat of landslides.
There are seven climate zones in Tajikistan, and the impact of climate change in different regions of the country will be different, IRIN reported, citing specialists.

Changing rainfall patterns suggest rainfall will be more "occasional and intensive", which may increase flooding. There are also implications for pastureland, which will affect livestock production, according to Tajikistan’s Agency for Hydrometeorology.

"Frequent rains are impacting the life of the local population. Rains are also a cause of landslides and land degradation – especially now, when almost all the trees have been cut down to heat houses," IRIN reported Sharofuddin Nurov, field facilitator for CARE International’s Adaptation to Climate Change project, as saying.
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