Songhua River clean-up bid troubled by fishing

Efforts to restock a polluted northern China river with fish ran into problems when residents started hauling them out almost as soon as they were put in, state media said on Thursday.

More than 3,000 workers from fishery departments of northeast China’s Jilin and Liaoning provinces on Tuesday released 13 truckloads of carp fry into the Songhua River "in the hope of improving its ecology", Xinhua news agency said.

"Shortly after the release was completed, more than 1,000 residents in Jilin swarmed to the riverbank with nets and other fishing equipment," Xinhua said.

" Millions of residents of the city of Harbin had their taps turned off for weeks after a toxic spill in the Songhua River in 2005.

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                           photo by MattinChina