chinadialogue authors hailed as “green heroes”

Four chinadialogue authors are among "50 people who could save the planet", chosen by the British newspaper the Guardian.
Among the "ultimate green heroes" are Pan Yue, deputy director of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA); Ma Jun, director of the Institute of Public and Environment Affairs; Jockin Arputham, president of India’s National Slum Dwellers Federation and Slum Dwellers International; and Terry Tamminen, a consultant on energy and climate policy and former environmental adviser to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Nineteen nationalities are represented on the list, and one in three of those selected is from a developing country. That suggests — in the Guardian’s words – "that grassroots resourcefulness will be as important as money and technology in the future". The list, the newspaper said, gives "a sense of the vast well of people who represent the stirrings of a remarkable scientific and social revolution, and give us hope as we enter 2008".
Among those included were Zhengrong Shi, founder of China’s Suntech Power; activist actor-director Jia Zhangke; the Malaysian "green skyscraper" architect Ken Yeang; and British civil engineer Peter Head, master planner of Dongtan, the world’s first sustainable eco-city, being built near Shanghai.