Britain “must dump climate goals”

The United Kingdom's climate and energy policy is incoherent and in need of overhaul, a new report by a pro-nuclear scientist says. The study says Britain should abandon its carbon reduction targets and build more coal and nuclear power plants to increase energy production.

The report, "A Pragmatic Energy Policy for the UK", by Ian Fells and Candida Whitmill, says that renewable power sources would not fill a looming energy gap.

"Current UK energy policy is not fit for purpose. Something has to be done about it if we are not going to run into serious problems around about the middle of the next decade," Fells was quoted as saying.

Many environmentalists opposed the report’s recommendations. "All over the world jobs are being created in the renewable energy sector, but Britain has been left behind for too long by the negative, white flag approach to climate change that this report represents," Greenpeace chief scientist Doug Parr told Reuters.

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