Nuclear plant in Sweden faced possible meltdown, says former director

Last week's shutdown of the Forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden has led to a disagreement over the level of danger presented by the shut down of two of the four generators, according to a report by United Press International.

Lars-Olov Höglund, former director and nuclear expert, is quoted in the local English-language media as saying that "It was pure luck that there was not a meltdown."

His claims were dismissed by current head of safety at Forsmark, Ingvar Berglund, whose statement to the press struck a reassuring tone. "We know exactly what happened and it was an incident that could have been serious … but that it could have been the most serious incident since the nuclear power incident at Chernobyl is totally wrong," he told reporters.

The emergency has been referred to by some as the most dangerous international nuclear incident since Chernobyl.

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