Mexico pledges carbon cut

Mexico has become one of the first developing countries to fix a specific carbon-reduction target, the Guardian reported. The country has pledged to halve its greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050, based on 2002 levels.


The emissions targets will be met with clean and efficient technologies, such as wind and solar power, Juan Rafael Elvira, Mexico's environment secretary, said at United Nations climate-change talks in Poznan, Poland. The country also will put a domestic cap-and-trade system in place by 2012 to cut emissions from certain sectors, such as cement and oil refining.


Fernando Tudela, the country's deputy environment secretary, said: "This is a very aggressive goal for our country, but we are confident we can achieve it with international assistance." He hoped it would spark "similar action by other developing countries."


Mexico ranks as the 13th largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the world. In 2006, the country emitted 430 million tonnes of CO2.


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