“Hope for Animals and Their World”

Field biologist Jane Goodall brings together a clutch of case studies to explore the different types of endangered species and the ways in which each has been rescued from extinction. The black-footed ferret, the red wolf and the California condor, for example, were saved by captive breeding programmes and reintroduced to the wild, where they had previously died out.

Others, such as the American crocodile or the peregrine falcon, were never declared extinct because they were “saved at the eleventh hour”, while some animals exist only in captivity.

Goodall’s approach, while matter-of-fact, is refreshingly hopeful – the stories she tells are ones of success. But there is a sense of urgency to the book, and she offers practical advice for anyone wanting to involve themselves in conservation.

Hope for Animals and Their World
Jane Goodall
Icon Books, 2010

— By Emmanuelle Smith


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