“101 Little Things to Do to Protect the Environment”

“Environmental protection starts with me!” was a slogan of the Chinese environmentalists of the 1990s. While the ideal is admirable, many people don’t actually know how to start. Ten years ago, Tsinghua University professor Liu Bing took note of this and wrote 100 Little Things to Do to Protect the Environment, covering areas such as food and drink, and shopping. A decade on, the book has been updated as 101 Little Things to Do to Protect the Environment.

But as Liu says, there are more things we can do than one book can contain. 

The new edition has many changes. Over the last decade, China’s environment has changed, and the public’s knowledge and understanding of that environment has improved. Much of the original content is no longer applicable, while other items have been added.

Liu notes, for example, that “10 years ago, cars weren’t an issue in China, but now vehicle-exhaust gases are a main source of urban pollution – so leaving the family car at home is now included as a suggestion.”

101 Little Things to Do to Protect the Environment
Liu Bing (editor), Zhang Liya (illustrator)
Beijing Institute of Technology Press, 2010

— By Huo Weiya

Huo Weiya is associate editor of
chinadialogue in Beijing