Davos: developing countries dig in heels on climate change

Developing countries stand to suffer the worst effects of global warming, and should not have to pay for a problem created mainly by the rich, executives and experts said on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum on Thursday.

At the gathering in Davos, a ski resort in the Swiss Alps, leaders from developing nations said they wanted the United States, European Union and others in the rich west to be more accountable for the greenhouse-gas emissions their cars and factories produce.

"The U.S., the Europeans, the OECD countries have for the last 30 to 40 years contributed to greenhouse gases much more than us," said Rahul Bajaj, chairman of India’s second-largest motorcycle maker, Bajaj Auto Ltd.

On the forum’s opening day on Wednesday, participants voted climate change as most likely to have an impact on the world in years ahead, as well as the issue global leaders are least ready for.

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photo by Mary Gaston22