China is set on curbing fossil fuels

China's top climate official said on Tuesday that Beijing is determined to curb the use of fossil fuels, but deflected questions of whether the country will accept caps on greenhouse gases.
Qin Dahe, chief of the China Meteorological Administration, said the nation’s leaders worried that global warming, bringing intensifying droughts, floods and heat waves in its wake, would undermine development goals, Reuters reported on Tuesday.
"The Chinese government is taking climate change extremely seriously," Qin told a news conference. "President Hu Jintao has said that climate change is not just an environmental issue but also a development issue, ultimately a development issue."

Asked what China planned to do, Qin stressed Beijing’s commitment to improving energy efficiency by 20% in coming years, and to shifting the country from overwhelming dependence on coal, one of the main fuel sources of greenhouse gases.

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photo by Ccgd