Global warming study warns of vanishing climates

By the end of the century, up to two-fifths of the land surface of Earth will have a hotter climate unlike anything that currently exists, the Guardian reported on Tuesday, citing a new study.

In the worst case scenario, the climatic conditions on another 48% of the land surface will no longer exist on the planet at all.

The changes, which will have a devastating affect on biodiversity hotspots such as the Amazonian and Indonesian rainforests, may wipe
out numerous species that are unable to move to stay within their preferred climate range. These species will either have to evolve
rapidly or die out.
"There is a real problem for conservation biologists," said the report’s lead author, John Williams, of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "How do you conserve the biological diversity of these entire systems if the physical environment is changing and potentially disappearing?"

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