Apple sends toxic computers to China – green group

Huge numbers of obsolete computers, especially those made by Apple, the celebrated computer company, are shipped to China and India, where they are broken up for scrap, said the pressure group Greenpeace.
An updated version of Greenpeace’s Guide to Greener Electronics, which was published on Tuesday, charged that Apple "scores badly on almost all criteria" in a detailed survey of its environmental attitudes and practices, including recycling and phasing out the use of hazardous chemicals.
When the guide was first published last September, Apple was ranked tenth; now it is ranked fourteenth out of 14. In first place on the list was the Chinese PC maker Lenovo.
Greenpeace rated each company out of 10 on its policies on recycling and use of toxic chemicals:
1: Lenovo 8
2: Nokia 7.3
3: Sony Ericsson 7.0
4: Dell 7.0
5: Samsung 7.3
6: Motorola 6.3
7: Fujitsu-Siemens 6.0
8: HP 5.6
9: Acer 5.3
10: Toshiba 4.3
11: Sony 4.0
12: LGE 3.6
13: Panasonic 3.6
14: Apple 2.7
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