Green prize winner urges Asia to name and shame polluters

Asia's environmentally unfriendly firms should be named and shamed into cleaning up their acts, as this is more effective than government regulation in promoting green issues, Reuters reported a UN award winner as saying on Wednesday.
"It’s an Asian thing. We value reputations and names very much. We don’t want to be put to shame," Elisea Gillera Gozun, an environment activist from the Philippines, said in an interview with Reuters. "
We react more to that rather than the fear of regulation," said Gozun, one of six winners of the annual Champions of the Earth awards due to be presented by the UN to environmental leaders in Singapore on Thursday.
The 54-year-old mother of two cited the example of a textile firm in Manila which had discharged untreated water into the city’s main river in the 1990s, and was shamed into cleaning up the effluent after the government named it as one of the "dirty dozen" responsible for polluting the river.